Inspiring Machine Learning Experiments

Kyle McDonald detailed ML experiments here


AI and real human problems

Interesting write up by Greg Borenstein on the research of human interaction and AI.

Power to the People: How One Unknown Group of Researchers Holds the Key to Using AI to Solve Real Human Problems


Frog takes a look at humans and sensor data…

Sensing Design Research


The GPS in your head

Here’s a link to a great NPR Article on our internal GPS and navigation and memory in the brain.

Oxytocin and links to Compassion and Empathy

Paul Zak’s research findings show that the release of oxytocin in the body triggers empathy. Increase oxytocin levels by giving hugs,  praying, and meditation…


Skimming, scanning, not knowing anything

Here’s an interesting take on how the shift in cultural consumption leads to Faking Cultural Literacy


For blind New Yorkers, a different, and complex, relationship with technology

What technology can help make possible for the blind

Smart Design

wavetoilet              Toilet, Heathrow Airport, Spring 2014 – Most fun way to flush a toilet.

elevator_thingsElevator, Heathrow Airport, Spring 2014 – Airport elevator that indicates what is on each floor instead of just floor number.



Sharks tagged with acoustic transmitters push twitter alerts

This is one of the most interesting uses of twitter I’ve seen. Check out the npr article here-Australia, sharks, twitter